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Works great Instant On & Remember when replacing batteries Fits the hand awesome Capacity & Power Excellent for self defence (BAM!)
Built in Trickle Charger, Don't use it Scrolling but that's always the case
Love this unit. It hits great and has tons of power. There was a slight defect on my center pin so it has a bit of trouble in TC mode occasionally. I haven't gotten around to filing the pin down. Check yours to make sure the pin head is flat.
Other than that this is definitely a good unit! How good? Well yesterday I left mine on the fu@k!ng city bus with my favorite Hazz dripper and 3 new batteries in it. So here I am buying another one. I could have chosen any of them, even the really new ones that are rolling in now but no...I want this one again. :)
Even my honey with her little girly hands found this unit comfortable to hold.
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