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Great Machining Threads are well made. Top fill that doesn't leak. Nice design to it. Very solid. 510 pin connection made very well.
Not a damn thing.
I know the disappointment with the name Kraken was used. I don't know there reason but maybe just maybe Vicious Ant want to say to all other makers we will use our beloved brand to show you how to make your products.

Beats the living crap out of KangerTech Sub Ohm Mini. It has class compared to that. Seriously the Mini style looks like your mom gave it to you to put in your lunch box. The seating of the Kraken RBA seats much better than the KSM, the tank is actually protected instead of the metal being on the inside where it really doesn't belong. You can really clean this when changing juice.

Krakens juice holes are slightly larger than KSM and it gives better flavor as well. The Kraken Top fill is a blessing. No little hole to poke your needle through or rings or worrying if it is going to leak. No wonder the cloners rush to get a top fill for the clones of the KSM.

The design of the top cap to put back on has a thick locking groove to where it almost gives a vacuum seal to it. One minor flaw in the design is that it should of had a little indent on the rim of the top cap to give a better grip to screw it down to the tank. Not a big deal.

Vicious Ant just smacked KSM all over the place with quality. Much better than the Authentic KSM.
Air Control ring is very solid when it comes to adjusting the flow. It doesn't have the cheap feel to it. It moves and stays where you want it to.

No the Kraken V2 didn't make all the holes that the KSM has. Just the two but you can adjusted it where you need it with what they have to offer.

If you want a KSM style and want something that looks and works much better you want be disappointed in this.

I am using 3 twisted NR-R-NR 316L at 6ish wraps. Nice an easy to connect. The screws are of good quality. Didn't mash the wire and held it very snug. Even though it is the Styled version they didn't cheap out on it. Which is good. I think it would be a shame not to buy this. If you don't buy it because of the name being used your just missing out on a quality atomizer. Over a name, really? Think about it. .24 Ohms and could have gone lower.

It is made of much better metal and it doesn't get hot. Try it Mikey you will like it.
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