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Cheap Adjustable bottom air flow
Center post holes are too big
I bought all 3 styles of teapot rda because they were cheap enough. I actually like this one the most even though there is one big problem with it I will mention below. I have been doing 10 wrap 2.5mm id non contact triple coils on 50w .3 ohm. Not as warm as I would like but my mod is limited to 50w. The glass tip barely gets warm even when chain vaping which is nice. The big issues is that is a pain to build on. This is because the center post holes are drilled out too large. Why is that a problem? It is a problem because you have to have all 3 positive legs in the center before you tighten down the screw. If you dont they wont get captured and slip to the side of the screw and dont make contact. I started using the tip of my tweezers to zig zag the leg where it goes through the center post hole which seems to help. It works but it is hard to get the coils perfectly consistent this way. Considering how inexpensive this was, it was definitely worth the money.
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