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Vaping with this is smooth/soft. You can fill from top while you vape. Extremely comfortable. No spit-back. You can overfill to the point that the coils are swimming in liquid.
The glass would need to be thicker.
After discovering all glass drippers and how smooth and comfortable vaping with them were, I found this one that intrigued me.

It's become my (and my wife) favourite dripper... Sadly, the glass is very fragile and the "spare" I bought at the same time got broken during shipping, so I'm awaiting more replacement, hoping those won't be broken. In the meanwhile I'm being extremely careful.

I got V1 as from the pictures I think that the glass on V1 is thicker, to be seen and will review it once received.

But as far as drippers go, the deck is nice and large, no need to worry about shorts due to coils touching the sides/walls, and using either some claptons or SS coils, it's been working amazingly great.

Absolutely fantastic mod, and the vapor spinning in the vortex is very neat to see.

Being transparent you can actually see what's going on and if your cotton is getting dry, etc.
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