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Well made. Threads are great. Easy to fill. Fast, damn fast. Easy to wick. Flavor right on the money, not muted. Plenty of parts.
None as of now.
There are a couple of good German videos on this. Worth watching to allow you to understand the process of making sure you get the best performance. I had to cut the stainless steel rods that came with it to make it fit in the tank and not stick to far out.

If you don't have the tools to cut the steel cable wires no big deal you can use the mesh. Might be easier for most. If you have a power grinder then it is no issue. It does have great flavor. I also like the way you fill it. Probably the most efficient way of them all.

Just stick the tip of the e-juice bottle into the plunger hole and press then squeeze. No mess, not opening up top caps, bottom screws or taking the tank apart. Perfect pressure maintained. I am using the rods for wicking. I went to 3.5mm dual coils, 24 gauge, 6 wraps. .37 ohms. You can go large in coil diameter and not loose a thing or go as small as you like and even single coil.

Just screw in the grub screws that do come with it and all is well. You can also flip the air control ring over to use for MTL or flip it back to go full open. Clouds with flavor imagine that. Well thought of, well designed. Not a leaker. Use good wicking, you don't have to skimp, but you can if you cut down on the juice feed with the screws.

Why screws an not a twist knob. I think that you have exact control with the screws compare to twisting something. It would of taken away from the design so it was the next most logical approach without taking away from the effect.

Not a normal RTA. Nothing like it in away. So I won't compare it. It is in a class all its own, which is good. I am using all 6 rods so I have no dry hits at all. It is nice not think about what temperature I need to set with the wire I want to use. Don't get me wrong, it can be used in TC mode as well. It just designed from the beginning to be optimal.

Because it has a lot more to offer than what you might think when seeing the parts that are pictured here, it is worth while to pick it up and try it. I know you will be surprised. If you are new to using different atomizers, learn about this before you buy it. Watch some videos. Not because it is complicated but it will help take away frustrations you may get backed into. It is different that is why I am mentioning that part.

It would of been great to have cut stainless steel wire to the exact size. That is what took me the longest and only because it was late at night and didn't want to bust out the power tools. I cut it by hand. So yes if you got great cutters, no problem. If you have not great cutters, you will be there a while.

Buy it and enjoy it. Once you have it set up the only thing you need to do is change the wick once in awhile.
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