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I like this RDA, even with it's faults.
Faults you say? Yes, there are a few:
- The glass, djeez, that gets dirty fast. Condensation or misdripping causes the liquid to attach to the glass and then the liquid gets stuck between the glass and the inner metal structure. It doesn't leak but it just looks dirty.
- Putting the top cap back on. Only one way to put the top cap on, and sometimes this takes a bit of fiddling. Luckily you don't have to remove the top cap when redripping but it can be an annoyance.
- You cannot close the bottom airflow.

The good, because there is a lot of that:
- The bottom airflow isn't huge so, even though you cannot close it, it doesn't mute the flavour.
- If you have a protection band for tanks, you can use this to close the bottom airflow.
- The flavour, wow. Best flavour I had with all of my RDA's.
- Top airflow: if you like it to be a bit more airy, you can open the top airflow. This will mute the flavour a bit, but at least you have the option to set it to your preference
- The build deck: velocity style, lots of room, handy slits in the well to put your cotton. I just love this deck.
- The drip tip, big, so it allows redripping and gives good airflow. It has a nice feel in the mouth.

Conclusion: one of my favorite RDA's at the moment.
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