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23mm gives you a hair more space dripping through the mouth piece air flow is nice
top cap can be a problem big leaks with over fill juice gets between metal and glass and just looks messy
All and all it's a pretty solid RDA and for the price it's a great RDA. The glass kind of bothers me for a few reasons, it feels like it might break on me and the juice coats the inside of the RDA making it look sloppy imo.

The top cap needs to be just right to fit the base, not too tight and placed only one way for it to go down. The base is nice to build on, fit my temp control Clapton coils nicely.

On the velo style I have to watch my coils since the top cap can compress and touch the coils if spaced too much, with this deck I was free to space them out but I scrunched them out of velo habit. Sent a photo don't know it if will show.

HoHm Wrecker running temp Clapton dual 6 wrap for a .06 @ 75w and 450 temp no burns here.

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