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Machined okay. I can understand why they made it so. You have to make sure when putting on the upper air tubes are above the coils. Spin it to the left or right will hit the post. No big deal. Clean, one was only. Easy to build on.
None for now.
The Allen wrench that came with the unit was not the right size. No big deal have plenty plus with the one that came with mine gives me another size I didn't have before. Not going to ding it for that.

Easy to build. Not rocket science in any means. I used double coils on the bottom only which still allow the ability to get cotton where it was needed and a lot in the middle. In the middle is where the dripping takes place so the mo cotton the mo wet she gets. Which is nice because it allows for less dripping.

Has a lot of air flow but also allows for enough control in the top air flow ring to keep the air pressure just right. Unless you are aqua lung, going wide open will just get you light headed. I am sure that it might be some peoples idea to have that effect.

It does seem to want to seat just at the right spot. If you wiggle to the left or right to much the top unit didn't want to seat down flush. Not a big deal because the top air tubes need to be right above the coil. All in all for the price paid not a bad dripper. Keeps the juice and air were it needs to be.

Refreshing to see someone at least start thinking more out of the box to deliver a better experience than a Kennedy. Okay for a president not the best for a atomizer. This one doesn't have the leaking. A plus in everyone's book.

Coil it, wick it, enjoy it. Life to short to play games with trying to vape. This one won't cause the grief that other RDA can.
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