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Excellent flavor Easy to build deck Functional no leak Topfill Excellent airflow Second SS tank included
Needs a good wash to remove oil and smell. Positive post got loose after 2 weeks(Resolved). Needs a tight fit drip tip for juice flow valve to work. Non glass PC tank.
*****This is an update to my original feedback: Buyer beware! Upon giving this tank a good wash, which it really needs, I was really marveling at the design of Tilemahos, ease of build, excellent flavor and quality of vape, when the positive post got loose while replacing my second or third coil. I tried to repair and tighten it. But it failed and left me with an unusable RTA. I contacted the FT support. after a long debate, the bottom part was finally replaced under manufacturer's warranty. This is the first time in my nearly 3 years of vaping, a deck post has failed on me. So, when ordering, please be mindful of this experience. That said, this may just be a lemon and a rare defective unit. The product design of Tilemahos is amazing and very innovative. The deck is really easy to build with wide screws that can nicely catch the wires. The juice flow can be completely shut down with a valve, which makes filling the tank a breeze, just open the top and fill the tank without any fear of flooding it. Remember to make sure you have a tight fit drip tip to work the juice flow. Otherwise, you'll end up opening the top with a not fully closed juice flow, and have all the juice drain out. What I also admire is the flavor which is nearly as good as good flavor tanks such as nextgen. Considering the airflow of Tilemahos is much more than other classic flavor tanks, is a huge plus in my book. Overall, this is one hell of a tank and one of my Favorites. Highly recommended
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