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I've just received the Osmium V2, and my initial impressions are as follows. It looks good. Damn good. The black body is beautifully accompanied by the brass top & bottom caps. The threads feel good, not butter smooth, but not bad either. I had a slight problem fitting the silver screw contact but I suspect that it was my fault, not a problem with the threads. The Osmium conducts well, certainly no worse than an upgraded Stainless Panzer (my of immedate point of comparrison). I believe that this Osmium has a magnetic switch. I'm yet to take it apart to check, but it certainly feels like it. Finally, this mod is small - really small. I have large hands and it barely exits either side of my clenched mitt. It's, maybe, 2/3rds of the size of an IPV4? Really practical, and a perfect size for the pocket, but as the fire switch can not be locked I'm seriously hesitant to do so.
Given the great price for the Osmium V2 you could do a lot worse!! I am impressed
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