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Smaller than the kbox Easy to bring around Easy to fogure out VERY DURABLE! (Im a klutz i drop things...alot) Very well vented for battery Only needs one battery (yay no fustration on mixing batteries!)
Paint chips Not a topfill Bottom part that comes off becomes a pain later on
I bought this product about 6 months ago. I have used it since i have recieved it. Since recieving it i have dropped it several times the tank has not shattered once! The paint has chipped away a bit though. It is an easy vape to understand if your new to the sub-ohming world like i was. THIS IS NOT A TOP FILL. Fasttech does offer an authentic topfill nano and i would suggest that as i have had issues witht the bottom of my tank either not coming off or the wrong part coming off making my ejuice get all over me. That being said i have dropped this device alot and that may contribute to this. I believe this device has alot to offer for the cost. Id recommend this for any one trying to step away from the basic vape and wanting to take the next step into flavorful ejuice and nice sized clouds.
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