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I love this thing, I don't build it super low or hot. I think I am around a .57 or so, dual 26 gauge 8 wraps, hugging the edge wall. Almost no spit back issues.

If you have never tried it, try the Scottish roll wicking technique with this one. Also instead of your wicks handing off the side, flop them over into the middle, one from one side, then the other coils opposite side, and repeat, then take a small flat head screw driver, first get your wicks pushed off the sides of your coils, fan out the wick bed in the center fluff it up, then wet it with juice, and make sure there is no wick under your coil. What this does is it creates a drain for the juice from the bed, to the deck, when you drip, you need to give it a couple seconds to all settle into place. The Scottish wicking technique can be found on youtube, but with this method it's not going dry for a nice long time, no leaking, no spit back, it's perfect.
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