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Incredibly easy single-coil deck to build on. Unbeatable flavor once you "find" your perfect build. Flexible for DTL or MTL vaping. Decent selection of included coils so you can explore your options.
Paint job is garbage. Rarely ships with the v2 version of the RBA coil head.
This was the very first RTA I bought once I decided to start building. The Subtank Mini promised and delivered immediate gratification. Haven't bought an OCC coil since. I've tried several great single-coil RTAs over the years, and while some have been exceptional, these will always be my favorites. I generally keep things simple; just little 0.5 ohm micro coils, and the flavor is always vivid and satisfying, never a dry hit, never a leak. Granted, I don't travel with them, feeling safer stashing an OBS Engine Nano or a Zeus RTA in my pocket, but I always look forward to coming home and popping these back on for bigger, better flavor.

My one beef is the paint-job. I have 2 white and 2 black Subtank Minis, and it only took a second trip through an ultrasonic cleaner for the paint to start chipping on ALL of them. No exaggeration. I really wish Kangertech would adopt a finish closer to what's on the Zeus or the OBS, both of which still look showroom fresh, but, I guess ya' can't have it all.

Also, it would be nice if these shipped with the v2 version of the RBA decks, as the juice inlet holes are much bigger, so, I guess I have two beefs.

Still, even with those cons I love this RTA to death, and will keep buying/recommending them as long as they keep making them.
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