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Overall   (3.7)
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Well constructed Very wide and deep channels Great airflow
Too expensive Airflow non-adjustable (but, still good for me) Screw heads too small
Despite the price, I'm very pleased with this replacement base, which absolutely fixes the primary issue with all Kayfun RTA's. It would have been nice if the airflow had some adjustment capability, but I have no problem the airflow it provides. Some die-hard Kayfun users may actually think it is too open, but I shifted away from the Kayfun a while ago and now prefer a much more open draw. This base really breathes new life into the Kayfun for me and I will put it back into rotation.

I built a 2.5mm ID coil using 25ga Kanthal, 10 wraps, which came out to .9 ohm. Unfortunately, I had to replace the screws that come with this base with larger head screws to accommodate thicker wire. The channels on this thing are exceptionally wide and deep, so I figured it would be wise to wick this with some cotton actually down into the channel. So far, I've had no dry hits or leaking.

Since I have quite a lot invested in the 12 Kayfun RTA's I've purchased over the years, I was certainly looking for a way to improve airflow so I could continue using them. In addition to the Monster V2, I also ordered the dual airhole base(SKU: 2095803). After using both now, IMO, I can tell you that the Monster V2 base is a far better option if substantially greater airflow is the desire. That said, I can't see investing another $9.61 to upgrade each Kayfun I have. If the price drops, depending on how much, I will buy more.
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