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ok with a bit of fettling
bit temperamental
OK the challenge for me good can a 10dollar mod be?
Not the latest design but then it wouldn't be at this price would it?
My first side fire button so don't know if these issues apply to others.

Anyhoo .....
plating seems ok-ish..bottom cap bit crunchy but wears in with will need to trim/swap the bottom spring, I think it's from a tank chassis way way too stiff/strong for the job.
Top cap bit crunchy again only on 1st use.
Button needs disassembly and sharp internal edges very careful there's a tiny ball bearing in there..check youtube for disassembly really is worth checking before you take it apart.
Once re-assembled be careful, batt will push upwards(this is why spring needs attention) cap will push much 'push' either direction and switch will misalign with hole in tube and be reeally difficult to use...tinker about a bit of a balancing act to find the 'sweet spot' and when you do it's ok.
Turn button right to lock BACK to centre to fire..don't turn left to try to lock it can be difficult to get back to centre.
I find as I'm vaping the button creeps round to lock position which can be a bit annoying but it might just be the way I press on button.

Would prefer different spring and an easier to grip button.

Now is it worth 10bucks? if your prepared to put in a bit of work it can work ok..not brilliant but ok..not the best low cost mod on FT ?(that's the 'bonefire' in my book..but it does work, is cheap, and an ok side-fire if you don't mind a 'little project' get one.
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