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it's got the lot
naff crosshead screws
Hey ho here goes.....

NICE well made piece overall feels solid and weighty if you're not a fan of bricks..stop here.

The switch has no lock so size/weight/safety = desk top mod.
Upside materials used means excellent hitter.

Screams quality, apart from a few very slight 'artifacts' which I assume come from machining soft copper flawless finish.. bear in mind soft copper will tarnish and ding up..nature of the beast.

510 nice, threads copper so care or heat sink, pin has screw adjustment.

Button smooothhhhhhhh BUT..spring way way way too hard, pushing button forces mod out of your hand..replaced mine with an old one (from panzer I think) 'lighter' action now perfecto.

Those bloody crosshead screws..if you sand the cheap nasty plating off the heads they're ok-ish .. but still it's one of my bug bears how often a mod gets soooooo close but trips at the last hurdle...will be looking for compatable screw heads pref in brass but don't hold out too much hope.

The overhang on the brass sections provides something to grip..holding in palm wrapping fingers round and firing with thumb works ok for me.

Venting slits cut even and neat.

Logo sharp but 'thin' and not deep so vigourous cleaning prob not recommended.

Now an intriguing thing (at least to me) I thought the LXIX was part of the mods name but it seems these are individually or possibly batch numbered...mine being LXVII(67) the customer posted pictured on the 'reviews' page looks like LXXX(80)...on mine at least the LX seems deeper (possibly part of the logo) whilst the last 'digits' seem a bit 'lighter', added upshot the LX is possibly 'in common' but individually numbered..a pleasant surprise.

Internally switch mechanism feels nice, smooth action in a substantial well fitting delrin? housing, which accounts for some of the height.
Careful disassemble/assembling - steel screws/copper threads.

Battery slots tad tight sanded mine, foam backed sand paper wrapped around brush handle..dunno if it did much other than smooth the insides.. chubbier batts / overwraps might be problematical.

Screw end-caps can be turned with finger pressure and internal rattle screws work well, might wanna shorten them if you use longer than standard batts--no not all 18650s are equal.

Gave mine my usual all over with v.v.v.fine sand paper to round things off after week or so getting a nice mild age/patina to it.

In all fairness not that much different to a brass abaddon in real terms..bigger homebased mod that's for sure but in performance terms not much in it..the switch/contacts/mounting are a trillion times better but the extra hight.

At the original asking price not even remotely on the cards but at the current one -

I got mine CNY discount(yea it's taken a while) 23 bucks if I of the century..scrap value has to be more than that ---- seriously
Well made robust (though copper will ding) heavy..feels and looks classy with the switch spring swapped smooth operation(ok no lock)...been in my hand last 10 days and I love my Abaddons and Slugs so that's an achievement in it's self..

Only real downers slight 'artifacts' might just be mine and those bloody cross heads...grrrrr

Don't know anything about the original mod it's cloned from but these could just possibly be seconds/over production of the original or that might just be wishful thinking on my part, experts can probably confirm/deny that one.

So yea..if you like copper and bricks snap it up...I understand the lack of sales at the initial price I wouldn't have, now it's a complete steal.
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