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Looks cool Hits reasonably well Atties fit flush Does drain batteries equally
Battery door can sometimes get slightly warm Battery door is kind of stiff to close
Love how this one looks and it's machined really well overall. Few bits of not perfectly trimmed plastic inside but nothing you see on the outside and nothing that affects the performance.

Hit ok when I received it but took it apart anyway, bent the metal contacts a little so they touch each other on the flat surface and not the very end, now it hits better. Not quite upto other things I use like copper hybrid mods but pretty good. I have no complaints there.

Everything I've screwed down fits flush as long as you insert batteries after the atty. Every time so far (~15 times) I've changed the batteries I've checked the voltage and they do drain equally. The battery door hinge gets slightly hot when running low ohm builds sometimes but it's nothing major. See in the product discussions for a video by someone else about this issue. The battery door is a bit tough to close as the springs are quite strong but it doesn't damage the battery wraps for me and once they're in all is good. The switch is fairly firm but not excessive. I personally find it great.

Overall very pleased, it's a bit different to most other dual 18650 mechanical boxs.
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