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all in one unit OWL RDA is solid good feel and weight gives off good clouds good price overall
plastic built gets a little hot with low ohm coils battery door a little loose
over all the unit is good value, only issue so far is if you go sub-ohm below .7 it gets a little hot if you hit it continuously, but for the first squonk box i have owned it is excellent, it fired every time I used it, it gave excellent lung hit with big cloud, big cloud and hot day, very cooling in the
the flavor hit was clean with no dry hit.. did make me cough few times due to the large vape it produced. the wide bore mouth piece is perfect,BUT 6 holes are maybe a bit small but the draw is good. if you want a bit more air maybe drill 1 hole each side bigger(only a little)
squonking feature worked very well with a good delivery of juice.
maybe they will release a VV/VW model of this soon, with VV/VW this would make a excellent unit for the price..
overall 8/10
price 9/10
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