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High wattage accepted Great flavor
High wattage about 70 watts gives burnt taste with higher VG juices
These are great don't get me wrong but I run >80VG juices and the max I can get out of this coil is about 72 watts before I get a burnt taste and throat hit due to it. I tried poking a needle through the wicking but the wicking isn't soft so it's moot to do so. I realized that to make these work to their highest capacity you must slowly ramp up your wattage instead of blasting straight to the higher power. The Herakles .2ohm coils at this moment are outperforming these Starre .25ohm coils.

HOWEVER, off subject a bit...the .5ohm Starre coils at 52 watts (sweet spot for me with 80-90VG juice) are phenomenal with high VG juice. So my opinion is this...if you like <80VG juices you'll probably get the best performance from the .25ohm Starre coils than those of us that run =>80VG but if you prefer =>80VG juices and want fantastic flavor and clouds then try/buy the .5ohm coils because they are going to rock your world. The .5ohm coils are far more impressive to me and 52 watts is still 52 freaking watts. The .5ohm Starre's still work great up to 63 watts IMHO too but I prefer them at 52 is all. It's kind of funny that my review turned into this but I feel informing the masses made it the most relevant to go this way.
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