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Fantastic Flavor Well Worth the Price/Best Bang for your Buck Very Innovative Design High Quality Build and Materials for a Clone. Top Fill Tank Leak Resistant Huge Capacity for its Size Very Compact RTA Excellent Included Accessory Package
Requires Experience to Build Too Easy to Disassemble/Easily Falls Apart
First, my thanks to Nymzavril and Stallion for their detailed reviews and shortening my review quite a bit.
I ordered this after watching a couple of YT reviews by Todd and Damian "The Bloody Good Vaper". Both of them praised this innovative RTA for excellent flavor and consistency. I selected Canada ePacket for shipping and it took only 10 days to arrive. I have to say, for an extra $2.50, it's an extremely fast delivery service and I strongly recommend it if you are in hurry and don't want your package to take a month with China Post, and don't want to pay $40 for a 7 day DHL shipping. Now, back to the RTA: the packaging is identical to the original and includes a lot of extras. It's a very high quality clone and I found no traces of machine oil anywhere in any of the parts. I still do recommend washing any new RTA with warm water and soap before using it. This RTA has an incredibly innovative design. It's a Genesis style RTA in general, with all Its pros, but the very unique design makes it leak proof/Resistant and, without most, if any, of Genesis style's cons. Some reviewers have complained about leaking, but what they experience is not a leak: it's the pressure build up of the tank when Overfilled. When filled right up to the top, with no space left, tightening the cap will build up pressure and push some juice into the deck, which can then leak out of the air hole. You can prevent this if you just leave a millimeter off the top of the tank when filling the tank as it is designed. Or if you insist on filling right to the top, take a couple of drags immediately after tightening the cap, and balance the pressure, the leak will not happen. The unique design of this RTA, also gives this 4.2cm high tank a 5ml juice capacity! Yes, this is not a typo: this is a 22mm tank with 4.2cm height (without drip tip) and 5ml capacity! If you have experience with Genesis style tanks, you know they are famed for providing great flavor, and Nextgen(in my opinion), has the best flavor among any tank I've owned or tested at home or work, including Origen. This is not an easy build, if you don't have experience with SS wicking and Genesis tanks. But, there are quite a few videos in YouTube that show how to do the build step by step. So, I don't recommend this tank if you don't have the experience, or the time and patience to learn and do it. I do assure you of one thing though: once you finish your build, you will be amazed how good your ejuice tastes in this tank. As recommended in reviews, I built this RTA using a 4x2cm 200 Stainless Steel mesh wrapped with a 2x1cm 400 mesh on the top. The flavor is nothing short of impressive. I first tried with Kanthal coil, and now am using a temperature controlled Nickel build with as good a flavor. This tank is not without problems: first, it's really easy to fall apart as the center post is also the 510 connection and loosens from the rest of the RTA. So, once in a while when screwing or unscrewing to fill or change the tank, I noticed the body of the tank is turning, but not the center post, or the other way around. I finally did end up using my pliers to tighten it, and fixed the problem for now, but at the cost of scratching the center post. Another possible con, depending on owner's style of Vaping, may be the airflow. There are 4 airflow settings: the tightest draw is great for mouth to lung, and the widest, okay for direct lung hit, and the other two settings in between. Don't expect a free draw like in Atlantis 2 or Lemo 2 or other similar sub ohm tanks, but it's a small trade off for the extra flavor. After owning this RTA for about 3 weeks, I find myself going to my rebuilt Atlantis and Subtank mini less and less and enjoying this RTA more and more. So, I strongly recommend this tank to everyone and give it the highest score.
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