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Small Nice looking Easy to build on Comes with both Grub screws and Phillips
O-ring for inner ring was too loose Was a bit oily out of the box
I really like this little RDA. First out of the box and it smelled like machine oil. It soon got a bath and I began to build it. It was very simple to build though it didn't want to accept twisted 26ga. Just a little too tight. I built it with single strand 24 ga. and no issues at all. I can't stand grub screws so it was nice to have spare phillips screws in the spares bag that came with it. once built I became annoyed by the inner ring coming off too easy when I was removing the cap to drip. A spare o-ring from the bag fixed that as well. The adjustable 510 positive pin protrudes plenty fully tightened down and then adjusts out quite a ways if you need that ability. This is a nice little dripper that has good flavor and pumps out the clouds too if you want. Not a bad buy at all and I'm glad I went with this particular version here.
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