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Overall   (3.7)
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Extra earbud fits in pretty well! Device is comfortable to carry. It's pretty small which is good not to draw attention. Phone communication was neat and clear
Doesn't come with manual Could not find a website related to product Sometimes the device wouldn't react to the button-pressings accordingly
The product is fine; I only found that the protector film adhesive on the button had a slight cut on the edge, but it was ok. At first I had a real time trying to make the bluetooth connection, but finally I could achieve this by charging the device a bit and rebooting the bluetooth signal on it. Another issue encountered was that sometimes the button-pressings would not send the signals correctly.I also wished it came with a manual since I am still not sure about the button-pressings patterns and timings to trigger a particular function on the android device. For example pressing twice quickly makes a call to the last person you called before, but I am still not sure(if it is possible) how to make the voice-commanded actions, like voice-dialing a number.
Overall, i liked the product considering its price
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