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Just as I was getting ready to throw these atties away, I stumbled across a "what if?" moment... I had one of these Erlkoenigins sitting on my desk, when I noticed the Orchid V6 base sitting next to it, and wondered... "What if I tried screwing this chimney down onto a base from a V6 Orchid?" Well, I tried it, and it fit. I threw a pair of coils onto it, and tested it, under the chimney. It still fired! I was skeptical, because the EK chimney is far shorter than the Orchid, but the Orchid V6 with the rubber base (not the threaded base) fits PERFECTLY! The result was amazing!

While the Orchid base airflow is not "wide open," it is still sufficient to take advantage of the rest of the atomizer. Additionally, the flavor provided by this setup did not change, from the EK base to the Orchid base. What did change, however, is the vapor production. It was excellent, for a tank (as opposed to a dripper). I had previously attempted to "open up" the airflow, with a Dremel and metal-drilling bits, the results of which were disappointing. This prevented me from simply dumping $50 into the trash... Now, here's the amazing part: I generally vape at around 35W, when I use my subtank... With this setup, I dropped the power down to 20W, and still received nearly the same vapor, but easily 50% greater flavor! For those that are "cloud chasers," this may not be sufficient to satisfy. For those of us who chase the flavor, however, the result is an amazing vaping experience...

From now on, I will give more than just a passing thought to "mixing and matching" bases, chimneys, glass tubes, etc. I hope this is helpful to any of you out there that invested your $12.50 in an EK, only to be disappointed by it's operation with such constricted airflow. The Orchid Base that works is SKU 2044804. Best of luck, all...
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