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A snap to refill. Close the choke, loosen the drip tip, rotate the cap open, fill, rotate the cap closed, tighten drip tip, open choke to desired airflow, enjoy.
Tedious to fill from dead-empty/fresh wick. The trick is to keep the choke closed, take a bunch of primer pulls with the tank inverted after filling, then open choke to desired airflow. There may be a little leakage and gurgling the first few pulls, but it goes away quick.
This is quickly becoming my favorite tank. The biggest advantage for me is the ease of refilling. Nothing needs to be removed to refill this bad boy. The flavor is wonderful, better than my Kayfun 3.1 and Kayfun Lite, but less of a throat hit. Wicking this guy like an authentic ErlK will be a messy experience. According to some videos I've watched, the authentic ErlK's use a light amount of cotton in the juice channels. With this clone, you'll get some nasty leaks going about building it in such a manner. This one likes a moderate to heavy amount of cotton in the juice channels. I used a 1.8 ohm 2mm coil with a decent sized piece of cotton, enough cotton to where it takes a light to moderate amount of effort to pull the wick through the coil. Snip the cotton right at the bottom of the juice channel. For $9, this was a steal, and I would have no qualms paying the current $12 price either. Good stuff!
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