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Sturdy- Good flavor-Great price- No leaks or gurgling once you figure it out
Need patience for learning-Price dropped from $12.78 to $9.04 the day I received it
For $9. it's a steal. Be sure to break down every part and clean thoroughly including the base.(I used very hot water and dishwasher soap). I had some major frustration before I figured out this RTA. Here are my findings that make this thing work great. Make sure to add the large O-ring to the base to prevent leaking. Don't be afraid to load the juice channels with cotton. Be sure to have a good shoulder of cotton between the tops of the juice channels. Wet your wicks and tuck them into the juice channels. I'm finding the best performance and airflow with the coil around 3mm above the center of the air hole. When filling,fully close the AFC and fill to 80-90% and close her up. Keeping the AFC closed, turn the tank upside down and give 4-5 strong dry hits(you'll see lots of bubbles). While still upside down, open the AFC to your desired airflow and give a few more dry hits.Do these thing and you will only have a minimum of gurgling for the first few hits. Don't and she will leak like crazy and piss you off.Add to your mod and vape on. One more thing, get these to replace the original deck screws SKU 2065700 and you can thank me later.
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