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Easiest EK tank to build. Wicking channel is large. Air Control ring is not loose.
I had another style of EK and gave that away because of the air control ring being loose. Not an issue with that one but not my thing.

The EK V2 has no issue with the air control ring. Nice fit. I did have a leaker when first built. I notice that there was an larger o-ring in the parts bag. Put that o-ring on the base of the deck. Not an issue after that.

It seems at least to me that the position of the screws for placing the coil is much better. Didn't have to play around with getting the coil position right. I also believe the chimney piece for allowing the e-juice to flow through has been widen a bit from the other versions. Juice has a real good flow rate.

Gives real good hits, flavor. Using Muji cotton which lays down really nice in the large juice channel. If you make sure that you have a stub of cotton sticking out from the juice channel where the chimney screws down to you will be alright for making sure no leaks to the air hole occur. This one is not a give away. It works really well and wasn't a pain to put together. Recommend this one for sure.
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