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Out of the four Kayfun V4's I currently own, this one (by far) was made the best.

No machine oil upon initial disassembly, nor any metal burs or fragments blocking juice channels.

In any event, I put all the pieces in an ultrasonic cleaner for 1/2 hour, then reassembled it without any problems.

Upon wicking, the Ohms registered perfectly. Then after filling with E-juice and opening up the juice valve, not one single drop of liquid has emerged from the unit. And, the ring turns smoothly.

The color is fabulous. Not brassy looking at all. If I engraved an 18k gold symbol on it, I don't think anybody would know it was fake gold. That's how realistic it appears.

All in all, this one was the best one yet. I imagine they've finally got the cloning process down pat.
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