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Overall   (4.5)
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Solid build. Ease of use, 2 simple buttons.
Slippery, might consider a silicone sleeve with purchase. Insulator for 510 pin.
This was the 2nd Kbox I've bought (3rd that I've used), although I'm no longer relying on it as my everyday mod. I keep it strictly ass a back up now. I grew to be not so fond of the Kbox after the first 2 that I had bought stopped working. In fact, the first one had an internal short, luckily the mod itself and not the battery. The insulator for the pin down in the 510 connector had just stopped doing it's job when it decided for some reason, to literally roll over on itself and bunch up on one side while changing tanks one day. I can't explain why, as I've always been very gentle with my vape gear. I have to chalk it up as a defect in manufacturing. Luckily, when my second one did the same thing (did not short like the first, but was about to as the insulator did the same thing and mod stopped firing), a friend gave me his old one (my third and still own as backup), to use while I awaited my new Sigelei in the mail. Although I would not recommend it to anyone based in my bad experiences, I cannot deny how solid this thing is. Like a rock. In all, I'd rate it a 7.5/10, based on that and the price point.
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