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built well - solid as a rock looks deadly .. a real nice knife here strong fast action - in and out BIG bladed HUGE and weighty feels great in hand - grippy satin finish sort of like a RX200 reuleaux Torx screws for easy disassembly and maintenance price point
LOUD as hell .. may frighten some folks, so be wary. well oiled - maybe a bit too well oiled not the sharpest out of the box - 85% Microtech branding is unnecessary
I love this knife and it works well. Double action functions as it should and takes some thumb strength to activate. Very loud and fast when it opens (like a 12 gauge pump) and closes (clang !) so it's guaranteed to grab immediate attention. It came in a box branded Microtech and even had a warranty card with it, but there's no way it's a real Microtech for this price :-) .. This thing is all business and NOT a utility knife. It is huge .. even Crocodile Dundee would nod in agreement and say "now this is a knife". Not something I would flash around any strangers as it has the potential to bring the wrong type of attention. So be careful and don't go getting yourselves in any trouble you can't handle. Glad I ordered it and it will take up a place in my collection.
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