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Lots of mesh for your money Good quality Easy to work
It costs a lot for this stuff in the UK and you hardly get anything for your money, so this is an excellent deal for me. I vape mostly N.E.Ts and by nature they are very gunky despite using filters with a 2 micron retention, i decided to give mesh a go so i could dry burn my coils (and mesh wicks) more often instead of changing the cotton out every 5 mins.

It works very well for my needs and while its a bit more effort the flavour you get from mesh is well worth it, i should point out if your a cloudy person then organic cotton is still better over mesh.

If your new to using mesh then some tutorials are your best bet, and your first stop (and probably last) should be with the excellent videos of Qorax Stan on Utube, he shows you how to oxidise the mesh correctly with the minimum of tools. A Bic lighter and some Upholstery needles and your halfway there, mine came from Tesco if your in the UK and are multipurpose needles made by haber product code H008 but any large needle you can snaffle from your mums shortbread sewing tin should do the trick.

Grab some give it a go and if its not for you its cheap anyhow, but if your a flavour junkie you might never look back.

Hope this helps someone

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