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My experiences with Version A were not so good. Ended up having to mix and match 2 of them to get one fully functional Kayfun V4 which vaped well.

Though I've always been curious about the differences between the Version A and the "Infinite" - which was the HOT item a month back.

Well, the Infinite arrived today. After opening the box, I immediately disassembled the entire RBA, and aside from the spring and the conductor, I immersed all the pieces into my ultrasonic cleaner filled with Coke. Let that work its magic for 30 minutes, then carefully poured the contents through a strainer and into a clear glass bowl.

To my great surprise (not really), there were enough metal shavings to melt together a mini Kayfun Lite. Slight exaggeration, though there was a lot. If the shavings had of been 24k gold, I'd of ended up rich thanks to FT. Then I put the parts back into the cleaner with some dish soap for 15 more minutes.

After rinsing them off with warm water, I felt there was no more machine oil. So, at that point, I put on my trusty reading glasses and got out my magnifying glass and ever so carefully examined each and every part for irregularities. Had to file off a few burrs here and there, but nothing major.

The biggest potential problem were the tiny juice holes which are drilled through the deck. They were plugged with metal pieces which were still attached. Had to muck around with those tiny holes piercing a needle in and out, and side to side, as if I were a dentist performing a 'root canal'. Low and behold, after 30 minutes of that, the holes were perfect.

Next step, I carefully reassembled the unit, not changing any o-rings at this point (only after if they leaked), piece by piece. Everything went together MUCH MUCH better and smoothly than the Version A. Total day and night.

After successfully reassembling the unit, making sure #9 screw was tighten down with a big ass flat head screwdriver, and put the coil in, I wicked it up to 1.3 Ohms on my voltage meter. And unlike Version A when I fought with the #### for one month, the Ohms reading did not fluctuate at all when opening and closing the JCR!

Then, closed off the JCR, and dripped 5ml of my best juice in the as I had "faith" this units gonna be the ONE.

And by golly, my dream came true. I vaped and vaped and vaped and vaped for an hour straight - the entire tank!

So, to wrap this review up, I highly recommend the "Infinite" over "Version A". At the time of ordering the "Hotcig Version" didn't have any reviews. Though I saw yesterday all 18 reviews were 5/5. In any event, at least the Infinite I received, I can't see how it could be improved. Other than if one had no prior experiences with the Kayfun V4 clones, never read up on them, and has been more or less living on Mars for 5 months, attempted to vape the thing straight out of the box with machine oil taste, inhaling metal burrs, while the decks juice holes were all plugged up, then that person would be slightly disappointed. Lol

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