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Sturdy build but not heavy Flame isn't huge, but it's precise and easily adjustable No screwdriver needed for flame adjustment Easy to change flint -- spring is attached to the screw, so it doesn't fly across the room Able to maintain a continuous flame without continuously pressing a button
Flint wheel is too close to flame -- one could get burned if he or she accidentally tried to spark the flint with the flame lit Doesn't automatically extinguish flame -- you have to untwist the wheel (or blow it out -- it's hardly wind-proof) Sometimes there is a one or two second delay between the time the gas is shut off and the time the flame extinguishes No fuel window
This is a cute surprisingly well built lighter. The wheel switch design is interesting, but safety clearly wasn't the number one concern for its designers. The flint wheel is awfully close to the jet opening. I have yet to burn myself with it, but the potential remains. The flame isn't incredibly strong, but sometimes that's just what I need when loading attys with wax or shatter.

The flame adjustment knob is large and easy to turn with my fingers. The flint has lasted since I got the lighter a few months ago, but I opened it and found that it's easy to change while retaining the spring (i. e. -- without it flying away). Even there's no fuel window, the lighter is pretty efficient and gives a flame until almost all of the butane is depleted.

This isn't an ideal lighter for a night out with friends, as it's not intuitive and it has no auto shut-off -- I would never hand this to a drunk person! However, it's got a certain charm and I consider it a nice addition to my small lighter collection. Because of the flint, I anticipate it will last a lot longer than my piezos -- the build makes it feel like it will last for decades. I recommend it for those who are able to treat it carefully as a torch, as opposed to casually, as a lighter.
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