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High quality finish. Flavour has yet to be beat imo. (perfect for custards) By far the easiest rda to build on.
Seriously none. Hang on............. Nope can't think of any.
Just buy it - there is no reason not to have this version. The machining is excellent. It's a pleasure to build on, I seriously couldn't believe just how easy it was.
You'll be annoyed when you go back to building on the other style rda's due to how pointlessly fiddly they are in comparrison and if you own a veritas you'll probably either throw it in the trash or at best never bother building on it again and just buy another one of these. I'm certainly buying more.

I see no reason to buy any other rda at this point unless they make a mini version or somehow add better features.

Hardly cons but
1/ it would be nice to have 3 instead of only 1 of the delrin 510 adaptor sections for faster tip swapping. Should lose it the rda would be useless without some serious moddinmg or good fortune in part matching from another rda.
2/ Another slight niggle - the "flat" (or shortest) 510 adaptor piece still has a slight raise so any wide based drip tip won't sit flush which kind of makes the adaptor a waste of time.
"Do you want a 1mm or 2mm gap/over hang"? wtf does it matter.

Regardless I'm going to find it hard to want to try another rda after this. :)
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