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Maybe it's just my luck.
They look beautiful and well built but they don't perform.
They came very late, i already ordered other batteries that came way before these (shipping delays were definitely not fault of ft) so when i got them i didn't test them - big mistake, now I'm to late
Green was totally dead, black and blue one just blink when i put the tank on. White one turns on by itself or you just need to shake it to turn it on.
The other 3 do work, but i would not say properly as i couldn't get much vapour out of any tank i pout on, resistances ranging from 1.5 to 3.2 ohms. Feels like there is not enough power coming out to heat any of these coils.
The reason i did give 2 stars for build quality is that although they look like toys on the picture they do feel well and solid in hand, now if only they would work...
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