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Won't leak in you pocket. its tiny Can get quite hot when chain vaping it with dual coils, its now a single coil at 1ohm found the sweet spot.
The threads on the 510 male are bit off near the base of the mod, i never fully tighten attys down so its not a problem. clearance issue with the top cap and post screws.
This mod is a real beauty and produces a nice and warm vapour, its got small amount of afc i tend to keep the draw half/half.

The good

The mod came in a nice white box with a shiny ft sticker and it had no scratches or blemishes on the exterior of the deice, the o rings are tight need a little bit of juice to lube them up.

The bad

The 510 male threads are good except near the top of the mods base they are bit rough, i never over tight them down so its not a problem. lets hope the rest are good?

The ugly

The deck is well designed except the screws are way to long if you set up you coils through the centre posts the top cap won't sit flush and could leak, The solution i found was to use the screw heads and wrap the positive and negative leads around the screw heads(kayfun style base build) and tighten down and it sits flush!

This design flaw could limit the more advanced or ornate coil setups as the centre post holes are nice and wide for multiple gauge wires, except the top cap won't sit flush then as there is not enough clearance from the head of the screws and top of the top cap.

If you buy this don't use the post holes and use the top of the screw heads to coil.

This is a nice atty to vape with good vapour production and flavour, the only down side is the post screws and the top cap not sitting flush to the base if you use the post holes to coil.

could be modded to work by shortening or replacing the screws though?

Very happy with this atty, just buyers beware of the post screws.

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