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Deep juice well. Large holes for thick gauge wire. Good screws. Perfect width of center post.
If you are new to rebuildables then this is the perfect atomizer to get. The large holes for the coils make building and assembly very simple. If you make your own juice because of the size of the coil post you can actually have two different flavors on each side. The juice tends to stay separate. In this manner you can see what flavors to combine together when you make your own juice. I thought that was a very big plus for this model. I can only rate what I bought. If some other manufacturer made this as well can't speak for them. This one with the Red Letter box is perfect. The unit can also take a chuff cap which I believe Fasttech sells as well. I can remember what brand of chuff cap works with it, don't have that with me today. Very well built, nice air flow. If you want to gift someone a really good drip style atomizer look no further. If there was a con trust me I would speak it. The insulator around the drip tip that comes with the atomizer works really well. I like an atomizer that does allow for different style of drip tips and moving even into the chuff cap style of drip tip. Buy this one and you won't be sorry. Two thumbs up to the manufacture of this one.
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