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Good build quality, good airflow for tighter draw tanks.
Fits in 510 drip tip slots, but is VERY slightly looser than most tips. A little machine oil residue.
I love, love, love this drip tip. When I saw it online, I thought it would be good for a mouth to lung draw with its smaller bore. I ordered three of these for three different tanks. One is the Nautilus Mini. The draw is awesome, just as good as with the stock tip and it's about half the height. With the GS16S, the flow is the same as stock, and the tank height was dropped by 5mm. On my GS Air MS, the same height as the GS16S, it also works just as well as the stock tip, even with the tank airflow wide open. And even on this tiny, tiny tank, it shortened the profile by about the same 5mm. With an iStick Mini, that's under 100mm height with a regulated, air flow controlled kit. Awesome! Not ideal for high air flow tanks like the Subtanks, but it'll work, although it will restrict your air draw. Awesome for any type of mouth to lung or medium flow direct to lung inhales, though. And it's tiny without being so short that you feel like the tank is in your mouth. The tip fits very, very slightly loose in 510 tip slots, but stays put just fine. Other than that, top notch build quality. Make sure to wash it with a mild soap prior to use, as they smell slightly of machine oil.
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