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Lights are bright, also small for convenience of mounting.
They run hot. The connections are on the front so its slightly harder to get together.
My experience with these has been nothing but a pain. The fact that thr front facing holds the power terminals required me to solder it for my needs, as well as diminished the available methods for installing them. Once i got them connected onto a bar, I ran them in par at 3.3v. These lights worked phenomaly for about one minute, the ligbts began to flicker. Another minute went by and the lights started going out along with slight smoke. I disconnected the bar aftet about two minutes of use, looked down at my work and saw the lights got so hot they literally unsoldered themselves from the wiring I did. I can't imagine how hot they would have gotten if i had created metal tab connections for them (to avoid soldering). Definitely a fire hazard. Id avoid unless you have a large heatsink for these, apparently the aluminum bar i used was not thermally capable of moving heat from them.
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