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-Cheap -Easy to build -Great, tasty vape -AFC
-Box was damaged before shipping -Deck screws are undersized -several o-rings were missing -deck insulator did not fit well
Well, this is difficult.

The cheap plastic interior of the box was severely damaged BEFORE shipping. Serveral pieces were broken of and couldnt be found anywhere. Not good if you want to give the product away

Several o-rings were missing, namely one where the chimney meets the cap (5x1mm) and the one under the deck insulator (3x1mm)

The deck insulator was in a bad shape. Apparantly, it did not fit into the groove, so the workers in the factory cut a little off. Still didnt sit correctly, a little hot water helped to make it fit.

The deck screws were undersized. At first, I thought the threads in holes were stripped, but everything was OK after I replaced them with Kayfun screws (M1.6x3 mm)

It is very easy to build, and it has excellent flavor. But it is no vape machine.
If you're a cloud chaser, this is not for you.

Air flow control is great, from very tight to complete open. Whatever you prefer.

Will is buy more of it? Not now, but once all the cons are fixed, I'm in the market for a few more.
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