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Fairy straightforward to set up(trial and error is worth it) holds almost 2.8 mls of juice and it lasts a long time, refilling needs a needle/needle nose bottle. Build quality on the stainless steel is beautiful and so far hasn't leaked in my pocket yet. flavour is so fantastic, recently filled it with plain e liquid and i can taste the sweetness of vg and pg lol also this is best used at 6mg nicotine.
The glass for it doesn't feel like glass and i can't see replacements on ft so look after it, its not leaking or broken yet so hopefully its glass?
Such a nice genesis atomizer and I am now a genie convert gonna try some more genesis types in the future, Its tiny and looks right on any mod even my mates rainbow mech :) the sat22 is a must have vape piece to use and enjoy.

The only thing i am suspicious of is the "glass" tank section it looks like glass yet it doesn't have the weight or texture of a glass tank? so far no leaks or cracks so its working well at the moment.

I've hit this tank with known tank crackers and no discolouring or cracking so its a tough tank.

much recommended
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