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It took 90 days to get these. I graded these at 5 stars because I don't know if they are authentic or not.
I am not sure if these are authentic. I ordered these on 3/31/20 and according to the Fasttech website, they were shipped on 4/01/20. Remember this shipped date as it's important. I received these on 6/30/20, so it took a total of 90 days for these to arrive. I've ordered stuff before and it's NEVER been more than 30 days to get what I ordered so this was frustrating.
OK, now to the authentic or not part. I checked these on the Aspire site for authenticity and it does show that they are original, however, the site says "Your verification is successful. The security code (74203022976784388XXX) from Aspire is correct. However, the first time it was checked was 04/07/2020 01:45:25 (Beijing Time). This is the 2 time of checking, beware of counterfeits!" So the code was originally scanned on 4/07/20 which would be impossible if they were shipped on 4/01/20 and the fact that this code was supposedly already scanned make me question whether they're in fact authentic.
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