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Possible to get it working Ceramic cup is strong Good drip tip
Torch required Glue is acetone-resistant Drill required
I bought this to rebuild with a nice big stovetop coil and lay a mesh screen over the ceramic cup. I did succeed, but it was in no way worth the effort. I had read the discussion threads and knew there was glue on the bottom wires. I thought "no problem, I'll just soak it in acetone". Nope! Glue fully resists acetone. Tried to scrape it off with limited success. Wires broke off with part of themselves still firmly lodged in the channels. Finally after a bit of googling I found that torching it should fix both problems. I removed the ceramic cup and took it outside with my soldering tripod. I checked the wind and positioned myself so that the wind would blow the glue fumes away from me and torched the *&%^)%$ out of it. Let it cool, scrubbed it up, then repeated the process fully just to make sure all the glue was gone. The stuck wire bits came out easily after the first torching. Then I rebuilt it with a big friggin' nickel stovetop coil, drilled airflow, installed mesh screen and dry contents, and plopped it on my DNA40 for temp control. I'll consider this my proof-of-concept, but I'm definitely going to get something better to mod next time. I also replaced the existing mesh around the ceramic cup with aluminum foil cause I had damaged it too much messing around with the thing. The original negative wire was actually connected to the mesh (????) but I rebuilt it protank-style so the aluminum is just there for heat transfer and stability of the cup's position.
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