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-Affordable -Some improvements over last Hana Clone -30W -Better build quality
-Still a lot of hot glue holding it together
Before purchasing this mod I bought the previous DNA20 Hana mod clone. The day it shipped the 30W version came out and I had buyers remorse ever since. But after I got the 20W I liked it a lot so I didn't really care about upgrading was good enough for me....Until I lost it.

So now I had the justification I needed to buy the 30W version. So I will write this review from the point of view of someone who already has the 20W version and is wondering if upgrading is worth it. If you do not have either one and looking to get one, then it is a no brainer spend the extra 8 bucks and get the 30W.

These are the biggest improvements I have seen on the 30w version. If these things are important to you then you may want to consider upgrading.

1. Better buttons: This version has better more comfortable buttons. The 20W version had smaller buttons that were harder to press so they dig into your finger more when you push them. These are more comfortable on the hands.

2. More comfortable grip: The 30W unit is slightly more slender, is more curved on the edges and less "blocky" in general. Even though the difference is slight it makes a big difference in the hand and is more comfortable to grip.

3. Better Design: The Battery compartment door is not part of the drip well on this version. On the 20W version, if your atty leaks into the juice well, the juice was able to actually leak inside the mod! This drip well is all one peice so that is no longer possible. Also the compartment inside that contains the cloned DNA board is covered with transparent plastic not wide open like the 20W. A lot of the components seem to still be held in place with gobs of hot glue like in the previous version but at least the vitals seem more protected now. On the USB charging port there is also a hole drilled out for the charge light to shine through. On my 20w version the light was barely visible while charging.

4. Better Battery: This version comes with an efest battery just like the last one but is a better overall battery. At least by the specs written on them. I know sometimes battery specs are exaggerated, but efest batteries in my experience are pretty reliable although not my favorite. If you have better batteries in your arsenal and planing to use low res builds at higher voltages then by all means USE ONE OF YOUR BETTER BATTERIES. But I think in general the average user will me satisfied with the supplied battery.

5. Lower resistivity: I like using dual coil RDA's with builds around .5 to 1 ohm. For me that gives me the best flavor. When I used the 20W version it cuts off at 1 ohm. that meant I had to either rebuild my drippers with a single 1 ohm coil or in some cases I would buy 2 of the same atty and wind one as a dual coil and one as a single coil just so I could use it on the DNA20 clone. I don't have to do that now since the 30W version will fire my .5 ohm builds. Now I can swap from my mechanicals to my DNA clone and back again without changing my build. That is a huge plus for me. No one likes taking apart a good build that is firing just right. Now I don't have to anymore.

6. Better finish: The Surface of the unit has a slightly more aggressive texture to it. This means the anodized coating picks up the light better and gives the surface a more "sparkly" effect. I think it looks better, but I suppose that is very subjective. if you like'll like this mod.

If any or many of these things matter to you and you already have the 20W version, you may just talk yourself into upgrading.
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