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Good engravings One piece body so less threads Hits hard It's a 26650 Panzer
Battery needs to be 67mm Sharp edge on lock ring Spring is light and needs beefing up Top pin is seized in delrin and there is no battery adjustment to take out the slack
You are going to need battery magnets if your using flat top 26650 batteries with this Panzer as it is made to fit a 67mm battery.. It's a bad design but only by 2mm.. It is too wide inside the body and a 26650 rattles side to side so some tape around a dedicated battery will fix that.. The Threads are ok but the top pin is the same as all the other panzers and needs to be worked on to free it from the delrin insulator.. My 28.5mm KFL+ has a 1mm gap under it.. I just got it so no mods done yet..

A 18650 battery adapter and some tape and you can cure the side to side rattle also lower weight and use protected batteries that should fit perfect in this mod.. I have run it with magnets in 26650 and 18650 and it works fine and hits hard with my sony vtc4's.. Not the most detailed switch but it works fine.. The spring is very light so a bigger one will be needed to carry the weight if set down unlocked.. Lock ring edge is very sharp but the ring works well.. Inside of my tube came filthy..
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