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Great deal for the money Has good pocket clip for EDC XM-L2 emitter Very bright 600-700 Lumens Low-Hi, 2 modes Strobe mode is hidden
Key chain eye has rough sharp machining.
I bought all three SolarStorm SC01 SC02 SC03. This light is by far the brightest of the three. I would say its twice as bright as the others. It's driven harder at higher amps. Has decent throw but not really defined hotspot thrower. But the shear output is plenty bright. My guess is 500-600 lumens on Hi. I really like the form factor of these lights. Small compact with blindingly bright XM-L2 at a budget price. The Lo - Hi mode with hidden strobe is very practical. First click is Lo mode. Second click is full blast Hi mode. Double click gets strobe mode. So basically I love to user interface. Hate strobe modes. Also has a hidden ramping mode from the Lo mode. From Lo mode, click and hold the button and it will ram up. Let go of the button and now thats your new low mode.
The only flaw I found is the tail cap of flashlight has a key chain eye slot that is sharp to the touch. This tail cap rough machining has the potential to cut or scratch skin. Not a hugh deal breaker but it is sharp enough to get your attention.
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