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- 2 line display, always shows battery level & puffs. - choose display current, and it gives you amps! - Solid construction, looks well made to last. - Not as big as imagined - quite comfortable to hold. I'm using it in 18350 mode, but even with 18650 doesn't feel too big to me to carry around.
- slight gap at top, barely noticeable. - slight gap at press fit to battery compartment.
Only got it an hour ago... feel like a kid at Christmas. Been vaping for 2 years, but this is my first APV, going from a twist style (808).
I cannot compare with other APVs. This takes care of ohms law for me. I set it to display current, and it tells me RMS and the amps it is using. I set it to VV since I am familiar with that with my twist. No need to fiddle further (yet.) I'm happy vaping at 4.4v. It is showing me up to 2.1a, which great. I know my batteries can handle up to 6a continuous, so I don't even have to do math. :)

I love that it always displays a little battery to let me know the charge in the lower half. Top half is changeable from Voltage to wattage to amperage. I love this feature.
I've read concerns about the threads, and the 510 adaptor I also got was an immediate success. I have an 808/ego BDC vivi nova. It screwed all the way down but did not connect. With the adapter, I was able to screw down further. So now I know most of my "non-compatible" tanks will actually work with a little help. My first review on FT, but definitely not my last. I love this thing...and I'll probably try another APV as I move my HW away from 808/Ego style. I definitely recommend to newbies like me. Time will tell, but I am hopeful this will be my "goto" setup for a long time. :)
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