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SS Tank fits very well,no modding. Base sliding chamber section,locks in place,no moving. The tank section that came with mine is SS and Glass. Nice open draw not like R91% or KF,but nice and open. Parts thread extremely well no crunching threads,very smooth. And of course,...large capacity tank.
Wick and wire that comes with the kit is terrible I threw mine in the garbage. The long wait time I had while re-stocking before the order shipped. They could have given this device a better Drip Tip. The screwdriver that came with this kit has got to be the smallest,microscopic tool I have ever seen,and with a handle on it to boot,go figure.
Obviously this is not a full complete review because I just received this device a little over an hour ago.Lets start with the threads,they have got to be the smoothest threads on a Chinese clone I have ever seen.The tank sections screw on effortlessly and no crunching.Another plus the SS tank fits this device without any modding and fits very well I might add.The clear section on my tank is made out of glass,yes glass.I do not know if every device comes with SS/glass but mine did.I did put this device in a soapy hot water bath before wicking and using by the way.I would suggest doing this too because mine did come with a lot of metal flakes in the device but no machine oil this time.Thats about it for now like I said I have only had it for just over an hour.I will edit review in about a month if the device starts to crap out,but I dought it with this one.
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