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I ordered 8 of these on 01 August 2014 and having read reports of cells sent through surface mail arriving after five months, I was surprised when I received these this morning, 85 days after placing my order.

My apprehension when I got my parcel from the post office was the condition of the batteries since they were in transit for quite some time and they might be mishandled and exposed to the elements especially while at sea. All my worries were gone when I opened the parcel and out came my INRs. Each pair was placed inside a plastic holder and each plastic holder was skillfully enclosed by bubble wrap. A bubble wrap was also placed between two cells inside the plastic holder to ensure that there would be no rattle. So no matter how this parcel gets thrown or bumped or abused while being transported, the cells remained in perfect condition.

The cells too were immaculate. The build quality is perfectly smooth and the markings crystal clear that they looked like very fresh from the factory. However I needed to be sure that the claimed capacity of 2850 mAh to 2900 mAh is true so I waited for four hours for the C-3100 to finish the charge-test of four cells before I made this review.

The first four that I tested rated 2992 mAh, 3091 mAh, 2991 mAh and 3026 mAh. An average capacity of 3025 mAh - higher than what is claimed. I guess it is now safe to say that I got very high quality Samsung INR cells and that these cells are very much worth the wait.

Thank you FastTech for selling me these INRs and for making sure that they arrive in pristine condition, and I'm definitely ordering more from you. In fact I already had. :-)
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