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I read a lot of negative griping about the various wick for sale here. Silly. I believe that any silica wick, any size, twisted or braided from any website or local stor ALL comes from somewhere in China. Therefore, why buy it anywhere except the place with the lowest price? I always boil mine when I get it. Nothing fancy, boil in a pot, one time 5-10 min, air dry. Then, when you cut it to wrap coils, flame it with a mini butane torch. This is what I have done from day 1, and I have NEVER gotten bad taste etc from the wick. I think all of this boil 12 times, distilled water, alcohol rub down, voodoo ceremonies and whatever is all totally unnecessary. But, hey, if it makes a person feel better, I guess no harm. It's not like you can kill the stuff. Full disclosure, I have not tried any of the other non-silica wick materials, perhaps I will when and if the time comes that I feel silica is somehow no longer delivering for me, although I can't see that happening. Have no fear, buy it hear. Try braided, too.
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