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Very nice design Dual-Coil Juice control Airflow control Adjustable 510 connection
Not 510 Drip-tip Thumbscrew are far from ideal for dual-coil 510 connection is a little too long (although can be mounted flush on some devices)
This product is all the hype, but I got to say. I'm disappointed. I feel that even with the bare minimum airflow open it's too full and airy for me. I'm probably too accustomed to the Kayfun draw. And the airy draw could probably been fixed easily by blocking one of the air channel inside the base.

Now for the part that is not only a matter of taste.
Single coil building is very easy and very well though off. The juice channels are really nice and make it really easy to tuck your wick in.

The dual coil build is very annoying (I'm not a pro at that though, maybe with more practice I'll find it easier) but I really think that any device supposed to be operate in dual coil should have holes in the posts and a screw on top. Because capturing 2 wires with a screw is sometimes very frustrating.

That being said once you finally got it, you get a nice reward vaping it. It works really well. And despite the 20$ price tag it's really well made. The threading is pretty smooth for the price. It look and feel really great with the Origin Mod available here.

I've been vaping on it for the past two hours and it vapes real good. No leaking, no issue.
Anyone who's into RBA should order one because it's dirt cheap and yet so well made that it's reason enough to own one. Throw in an Origin mod and you're golden.

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